Free Pro-53 Patches

Native Instrument’s Pro-53 was one of the first software synthesizers that I got my hands on, and to this day it has a special place in my synth arsenal.  While it’s obviously good for creating retro 80’s strings, basses, and leads; the architecture also lends itself for creating some  pretty wild and unique timbres.

Unfortunately the Pro-53 was discontinued a few years ago, but if you’re lucky enough to own a copy of it, I’ve created a bank of some of my favorite home-made presets as a free download.

Click here to download!

You can check out some examples of the patches in the Soundcloud player below. It’s 100% Pro-53, with no other audio effects or processing used in their creation. Enjoy!



Let’s Do The Time Warp

I can’t believe it’s June already.  The past few months have been quite a blur, but I mean that in the best possible way.

I hit the ground running doing sound design for an upcoming AAA console game, took on some fun audio contract work for, and played guitar/synthesizer for two indie hip hop shows down in Rhode Island.  I’ve also been gearing up for the arrival of my second child, which should be happening any day now!

Once all the excitement settles down and I have some free time, I plan on putting up some of my custom-made synthesizer patches and sound libraries for people to download.

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