Glitch Guitar

Over the past few months I’ve been writing a lot of music and getting ready to launch a new music project/band.  One of the things I sought out to do was create some new and interesting guitar sounds that utilizes live glitching and effects work normally not heard on guitar.  I present this instrumental demo track as a first preview of a lot of exciting new music to come.


Hearts On Fire Remix

It was my Freshman year of college when I first heard Helen Marnie’s voice.  I was hanging out in a newly found friends dorm room when his randomized playlist landed upon Seventeen by Ladytron.  Her delicate and detached tone of voice added a whole new world of depth to song’s sparse lyrics, and ever since then I’ve been a big fan of Ladytron.  I remixed this track off of her debut solo album Crystal World and have made my first foray into the electropop genre.  The song makes heavy use of gigantic dance floor drums and retro-tinged synths (and also marks my first official recorded use of my new Korg Volca Keys).  Hope you have some nice subs because this one really kicks.


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