Free Massive Patches – High Risers Vol. 1

For this week I’ve created 11 synth riser patches for Massive. ¬†All the patches have variable rise rates and have some built in tempo-synced modulation. ¬†Perfect for electronic dance music, sci-fi sound design, or any other scenario that needs an uplifting transition.

Click here to download High Risers Vol. 1!

And while I’m at it, here’s a track that demonstrates all of the patches.


Free Massive Patches – Mutated Grooves Vol. 1

Going to be trying something out called ‘Synth Patch Monday’ where every week I release a new synth patch bundle.

To get things going, I’ve created a bank of 12 groove-based patches for Native Instrument’s Massive.

Click here to download Mutated Grooves Vol. 1!

Here’s a demo of me tweaking out 6 of the new patches. No effects other than Massive were used.

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