XCOM 2: War of the Chosen – Tactical Legacy Pack

Excited to announce that I did sound design and composed a lot of the music in the new synth heavy soundtrack to XCOM 2: War of the Chosen – Tactical Legacy Pack DLC! This was a blast to work on and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. My audio lead Chris D’Ambrosio and I go way way back creating electronic music, and it was exciting to team up once again on a project like this.


Tempest Analog Kick Synthesis

I’ve been using the Tempest for a lot of sound design and music work lately and really loving it.  While it’s a fantastic instrument, it can be a bit daunting if you aren’t familiar with drum synthesis techniques, so I created this two part tutorial video to help people familiarize themselves with analog kick synthesis.  Check it out!

Tempest 808 Kick Tutorial

I recently picked up a DSI Tempest drum machine and I’ve been loving the thing to death so far.  One odd thing I’ve noticed is there seems to be some misinformation floating around that the Tempest can’t generate good kicks though, so I decided to create this tutorial where I replicate a classic 808 kick sound using the Tempest’s self resonating filter.

Check it on YouTube here!

Alesis Strike

Happy to announce that over the past year I’ve been working as the Senior Sound Designer for the upcoming Alesis Strike drum kit!  The Strike kit made it’s debut at NAMM 2016 and will ship with 1000+ instruments and 100 kits.

More details and audio demos to come soon, but for now you can read up on the specs at the Alesis website.



Akai Advance/VIP

Excited to announce that the Akai Advance controllers and accompanying VIP software are now available!

I provided sound design support on these products by programming the arpeggiator presets on the hardware and creating plugin-maps for Akai’s VIP software.

The Advance keyboards have already won a number of awards including being voted “Best In Show” at NAMM 2015 by both Keyboard Magazine and NAMM U.  Check out the review below from Keyboard Magazine.



B Dolan – Kill The Wolf

For the last two years I’ve been working with Providence based rapper B. Dolan on his third full length album Kill The Wolf.  The album was in development for five years and features over 30 collaborators including Aesop Rock, Buck 65, Dave Lamb of Brown Bird, and Kathleen Stubelek of Circle Takes the Square.

I’m very proud to have contributed guitar, synth, and programming to many of the tracks on this powerhouse of an album.  Some of my favorite contributions include the Moog lead on the chorus of “Stay Inspired” and the fuzzed out gritty guitar featured in “Graffiti Busters”.

The album really speaks for itself, so check it out below.



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