Akai Advance/VIP

Excited to announce that the Akai Advance controllers and accompanying VIP software are now available!

I provided sound design support on these products by programming the arpeggiator presets on the hardware and creating plugin-maps for Akai’s VIP software.

The Advance keyboards have already won a number of awards including being voted “Best In Show” at NAMM 2015 by both Keyboard Magazine and NAMM U.  Check out the review below from Keyboard Magazine.



B Dolan – Kill The Wolf

For the last two years I’ve been working with Providence based rapper B. Dolan on his third full length album Kill The Wolf.  The album was in development for five years and features over 30 collaborators including Aesop Rock, Buck 65, Dave Lamb of Brown Bird, and Kathleen Stubelek of Circle Takes the Square.

I’m very proud to have contributed guitar, synth, and programming to many of the tracks on this powerhouse of an album.  Some of my favorite contributions include the Moog lead on the chorus of “Stay Inspired” and the fuzzed out gritty guitar featured in “Graffiti Busters”.

The album really speaks for itself, so check it out below.



Tony Coleman Drums

SONiVOX has released Tony Coleman Drums, a virtual instrument that simulates the drum set for renowned drummer Tony Coleman.  I served as the Senior Sound Designer for this project and was in charge of editing, programming, and mixing the drum samples.

Check out this great product review from Bedroom Producers Blog.  The gave the sound a 10/10!

Tony Coleman Drums Review (WINNER ANNOUNCED)

Time Flies

Can’t believe it’s been almost a whole year since I posted an update here!  Between work, starting a new band, parenting, and trying to squeeze in some free time, updating the blog took a bit of a backseat.

So what have I been doing? Most of my time has been spent working on a number of music projects for inMusic (unfortunately most of them haven’t been announced yet so I can’t discuss them).  One thing that has been announced however is the highly anticipated Akai Advance keyboard series which I did some arpeggiator programming and software support for. http://www.akaipro.com/microsites/advance/index.php

I’ve continued to work with Rhode Island based rapper B Dolan recording synths and guitar for his upcoming LP which will finally see daylight this summer after being in production for 5 years. I also contributed some synths and orchestral arrangements for his latest mixtape ‘House of Bees Vol 3’ on the tracks Seat at the Table and The Devil & Jack McCarthy. https://bdolan.bandcamp.com/album/house-of-bees-vol-3

Finally, I got my electro-rock band Big Time Kill off the ground in August and have been gigging steadily around the New England area  The project features a lot of ‘guitar sound design’ where I use my laptop to process my guitar sounds in unique ways, and I’m excited to share it with the world finally.

So that’s everything in a nutshell.  I plan on updating this section of the website more regularly with free content and tutorials, so make sure to check back!




Free Massive Patches – High Risers Vol. 1

For this week I’ve created 11 synth riser patches for Massive.  All the patches have variable rise rates and have some built in tempo-synced modulation.  Perfect for electronic dance music, sci-fi sound design, or any other scenario that needs an uplifting transition.

Click here to download High Risers Vol. 1!

And while I’m at it, here’s a track that demonstrates all of the patches.


Free Massive Patches – Mutated Grooves Vol. 1

Going to be trying something out called ‘Synth Patch Monday’ where every week I release a new synth patch bundle.

To get things going, I’ve created a bank of 12 groove-based patches for Native Instrument’s Massive.

Click here to download Mutated Grooves Vol. 1!

Here’s a demo of me tweaking out 6 of the new patches. No effects other than Massive were used.